The Blue Jays are back at the Rogers Centre. It is nationally anointed as the best home field advantage in baseball. The crowd is electric and unbearably loud. Now the Jays get to play Game 3 there while being up 2-0. This is a dream scenario for Gibby and the Blue Jays.

Today its the Rangers Colby Lewis vs the Blue Jays Ace Aaron Sanchez. Colby Lewis has been an average pitcher his whole career. He has his moments where he pitches really well but majority of the time hes just average. He was injured this season for about 2 months. He came back early September.

Colby Lewis has two pitches that he heavily relies on and those are the fastball and slider. We saw what the Blue Jays strategy was last game, HUNT for the FASTBALL. Colby Lewis is no where near the level of  a Yu or Hamels and look what the Jays did to them. Colby has an average velocity of 87 mph which results to porous strikeout numbers. Colby has struggled in his last two road starts giving up an average of 5 runs. Since coming back from injury he has struggled which could be good news for the Blue Jays.

Aaron Sanchez, the Blue Jays Ace this year has been incredible. You can last remember him having a no hitter entering the 7th against the Red Sox in a big game for the Jays. Cool, calm and collected can best describe him. Having him as the 3rd pitcher for the series shows how good the rotation is. Texas will have a tall task.

Sanchez has given up an average of 3 runs in his last 3 home starts. He had one bad game against the Red Sox but the Red Sox were lighting up everyone during the second half of the season so we can give him a pass. He’s been brilliant otherwise. Aaron Sanchez is primarily a fastball pitcher as J.A Happ is. It’s up to the Rangers to see the ball well and produce runs when they have runners in scoring position. Aaron Sanchez can give up some runs but its up to the Rangers to execute.

The Blue Jays need to attack Colby Lewis early. I like the Jays to get an early lead. The Rangers will score a few runs but I don’t think that comes until later in the ball game. The Rangers wont go down without a fight. I like Sanchez to deal early and give a few runs late. When the bullpens comes in, I trust the Jays bullpen especially with the way they have been pitching lately. They have been incredible.

I like the Jays to sweep the Rangers today and advance to the ALCS.

My Prediction: Jays 5-3