The series between the Cleveland Indians and the Boston Red Sox has had two postponed games so far. Rain has been prevalent in both cities. This tends to frustrate teams that have momentum. In this case it’s the Cleveland Indians. It’s a bit of a shock to many people that Cleveland is up 2-0 with how hot the Red Sox have been. But the postseason is completely different from the regular season. The Red Sox have averaged 5.5 runs on the road in September and 4.9 at home.They scored 4 runs in Game 1 and 0 runs in Game 2. The Indians starting pitching has been excellent. Only giving up 3 runs in Game 1. We will see if that continues today.

The Indians have manufactured runs against two very good pitchers this year. Both David Price and Rick Porcello have had great regular seasons but their postseason performances haven’t been up to par. That showed in Game 1 and Game 2.

Today we have the Red Sox Clay Buchholz and the Indians Josh Tomlin. Clay Buchholz has been with the Red Sox his whole career. He is an average pitcher by MLB standards. He has had a tumultuous career. He has continued that trend this year as well. Up until July he had an ERA of 5.61 but in September and August he held a record of 4-1 with an ERA of 3.00. It’s quite a turnaround that a lot of Boston natives are surprised about. He has 4 pitches he relies on. He has a fastball, cutter, curve ball and changeup. He has a lot of stuff to work with. The Indians will have to have discipline at bats so they can find the pitches they like. They won’t have to worry about strikeouts because Clay isn’t a strikeout pitcher. In 5 starts, he’s averaged 4 strikeouts per game. In the postseason, Clay owns a 4.21 ERA. In September, he has given up an average of 2 runs per game. We will see which one will give.

Josh Tomlin had a very inconsistent season. In August, he gave up an average of 5.6 runs per game but in September that number dropped to 1 run. He has three pitches he relies on, they are the fastball, cutter and curveball. His fastball has an average velocity of 87.7 mph. The Red Sox can hit fastballs. They will be hunting for them. Tomlin has also given up 1.86 home runs per nine. That could definitely play a factor in today’s game. Josh Tomlin has no postseason experience. This will be his first start. He may be a little nervous and excited today.

Ironically in 1999, the Red Sox were down 0-2 to the Cleveland Indians in the ALDS. They came back and won. The Red Sox have been down many times in their history. Coming back from an 0-2 deficit is definitely possible. It’s up to Clay to take care of business today against a Cleveland offense that gave Porcello and Price trouble. We will see if Clay can put his home struggles to the side and help his team get a win.

Josh should try not to rely on his fastball to often or that can be trouble. He’s a homerun prone pitcher, with an average velocity of 87 mph, playing in his first start in the postseason and pitching in a hitter’s ball park. This stacks up perfectly for the Red Sox.

Josh Tomlin has really struggled in the early innings. I like the Red Sox to grab an early lead. If the Indians want to get some runs it’s best they do it early. Clay tends to give up runs early rather than late. The Red Sox need this win and they are in a perfect situation to do it.

I like the Red Sox to win 6-2  today at home.