Today, we have Jake Arrieta vs Rich Hill. The NLCS has been up and down. In Game 1, we had a total of 12 runs, while in Game 2, we had a total of 1 run. For the Dodgers to split in Chicago was huge. Now they have 3 games at home and a chance to go to the World Series. The bad news is, the Cubs are the favourites to make it to the World series and they have an incredible team . Yesterday was a pitching duel. We’ll see what the script will be tonight.
Jake Arrieta pitched in 1 start this postseason. He played the San Fransisco Giants on the road. He pitched 6 innings, giving up 6 hits and 2 runs. Arrieta put them on top with a rare 3 run shot, but, the game was lost by the bullpen. In his last 5 starts on the road, he’s 3-1, averaging 6.42 innings played, 5 hits, 2.4 runs and 4.4 strikeouts. In his career postseason starts on the road, he’s 1-1, averaged 6.6 innings played, 5 hits, 2 runs and 8 strikeouts. He’s played the Dodgers once, but, he played them at home. He went 7 innings, giving up only 2 hits with 8 strikeouts. Arrieta has played better at home than on the road. Despite his home/away splits, I like Arrieta to have another solid start. It’s up to the bullpen to keep it. The Cubs have a top 10 bullpen, but, in the postseason no lead is safe.
Rich Hill has had an interesting postseason so far. He’s averaged only 3.5 innings played, 4.5 hits, 2.5 runs and 6.5 strikeouts. He had a tough go against the Nationals in Game 2 giving up 4 runs. Then, he played only 2 2/3 innings in Game 5 because he was on short rest. He gave up a run. Hill hasn’t played Chicago this year. In his last 3 home starts, he’s gone 2-1 averaging 5.6 innings played, 4 hits, 1 run and 6 strikeouts. This will be his first postseason start at home. He will be on a short leash if things get messy. But, even if he’s pitching well he won’t pitch deep into the game. The manager wants to prevent injury from occurring. 
Overall, this game can go either way. Both have good pitchers, good hitters and really good bullpens. I like the Dodgers playing at home. Game 2 has definitely given them confidence and Jake Arrieta isn’t 2015 Arrieta. With Arrieta struggling slightly on the road, I think the Dodgers will do just enough to win. This game also has extra inning potential. 
Prediction: Dodgers win 5-3 at home