The Cleveland Indians are up 3-0? I can’t believe it. All the Blue Jays had to do was win yesterday and they couldn’t do it. It seems as if the Indians are in their head. These aren’t the Blue Jays that we know. It didn’t help that Trevor Bauer had to leave early too. He walked two batters before Manager Gibbons told the umpire to check his injured finger. His pinky was bleeding. I’m a little surprised John Gibbons would ask the umpire to take him out when Bauer just walked two batters. He should have let him stay in the game and get a run in at the least. The Cleveland Indians almost used their whole bullpen due to Bauer going out early. No pitcher saw a batter twice. The bullpen was incredible once again. Cleveland had timely hits and found a way to win the game. The Indians are a nitty gritty team that frustrates you. They aren’t flashy, but, they know how to win games. The Blue Jays can definitely learn a lesson.

Now, Cleveland has a chance to close out the series today and advance to the World Series for the first time since 1997. The Blue Jays look to stay alive for another game. The Indians elected to go with Corey Kluber on short rest due to their lack of starting pitching. The Indians also want to have him available in case the Jays take it to a Game 7. Aaron Sanchez will be going for the Jays. He hasn’t played since Game 3 of the Texas series.

Aaron Sanchez has been the Jays best pitcher this year, so, it only seems right he plays in an elimination game to help extend the season. He was in a similar situation when the Jays needed to beat the Boston Red Sox to secure the 1st Wild Card spot. Sanchez has been good at home. He’s averaged 5.68 innings played, 4.4 hits, 3.4 runs and 5.2 strikeouts. He’s only played 1 game against the Indians and he went 4 innings, giving up 4 hits, 4 runs, and 5 strikeouts. Sanchez has better numbers on the road but he’s still going to do whatever he can to win this game. He got roughed up against the Rangers at home in his last playoff start. He gave up 6 runs and 2 homers. The Jays still won that game in overtime. He looked uncomfortable throughout the whole game. It was probably because it was his first start in the postseason. But, we will see if he can settle in early and give the Jays a chance.

Corey Kluber started in Game 1 and he was great. He played 6.1 innings, gave up 6 hits and struck out 6. He has played both postseason games at home.He doesn’t have significant home/away splits, but, the last time he played the Jays on the road he went 3.1 innings, giving up 7 hits and 5 runs. That performance was most likely an anomal . I can’t see him falling apart like that today, but, we will see what kind of effect pitching on the road will have on him. He’s the Indian’s best pitcher. Cleveland doesn’t want to give Toronto no hope. There isn’t a better guy to start than Kluber, if they want to rap this ALCS.

I haven’t done a good job predicting this series. Other than Game 1, I really thought that the Jays had a great chance of winning. Tomlin’s performance shocked me and Bauer going out didn’t help either. Aaron Sanchez as lost two games all year. But, Corey Kluber looks untouchable right now. This is a tough game to predict, but, I have to go with the Blue Jays again. This will be the 4th time I go with them. I just can’t imagine them getting swept. The team has pride and I know they will put their all into this game. Aaron Sanchez has been good for them as well as Kluber for the Indians. It’s too close to call. If Cleveland has a lead when the bullpen comes in, it’s essentially over. It’s imperative that the Jays get a lead early. They haven’t had a lead once this series. Every time they tie it up, Cleveland finds away to score. The Blue Jays had a good start against Kluber in Game 1. They were creating some traffic on the bases. If you want to score against Kluber it’s best you do it early. He is more prone to giving up runs early. We’ll see if the Jays can do that.

Prediction: The Blue Jays win 4-3 to play Game 5 in Cleveland