I like Cleveland to win the World Series.  After Game 2 of the ALCS, I knew right there and then that the Cleveland Indians would win the World Series. The Blue Jays couldn’t hit their pitching. You get no breaks with Cleveland. Once the starter is finished you have to face Andrew Miller and Cody Allen. It’s a nightmare. The Blue Jays were frustrated and so will the Cubs.

Cleveland manages to get timely hits as well. If you walk a batter, Cleveland can steal or the next batter hits a ground rule double. When you least expect them to score, they do. They put a lot of pressure on your defense.

There is something going on with Cleveland this year. They now have the chance of winning 2 major championships in one year.

Cubs fans should be happy they made it to the World Series. It was a great scene watching Wrigley rejoice after a long drought. I just think Cleveland is a strong willed team and they will find a way to beat the Cubs regardless of the odds.

Series Prediction: Cleveland in 5

Game 1 Pick: Cleveland